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Customer Reviews

Are you having a bad day? Feeling blue? Well..just order the Unirocn Costume and you'll be feeling pink in no time! I did and it turned my frown upside down. I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and simply got ready for work while feeling great! 

Amanda Kaviani

BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE!! Seriously, how awesome is this costume? So many applications. I didn't even buy it for Halloween. I literally just wanted to dress up like a T-Rex from time to time. Life is tough, sometimes you just want to feel happy. So, T-Rex costume. My son loves it. I put it on and we have dance parties.

Chris C.

I got this coatume as a birthday gift for my friend who is a huge attention monger. Of course he went nuts for it and immediate started wearing it everywhere. He loves it. Too much. He wants to wear it all the time and everywhere and if constantly harassing me to try to come up with new and attention grabbing things he can do in the costume. 

Joannah salyers
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